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aga built-in refrigerators
aga built-in refrigerators

AGA-cooked food tastes better simply because an AGA cooks better. Unlike most American luxury ranges, AGA uses gentle, radiant heat circulating through the ovens and hotplates, AGA creates dedicated cooking zones at pre-set temperatures for ease, convenience, and full-flavored results. This radiant heat cooking is an altogether gentler process than the fierce, hot air of conventional ranges. It preserves more of the food's natural moisture, flavor, texture, and goodness.

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Only one kitchen range can claim that it transformed a country and changed the way people cook: the AGA. With century-old heritage, AGA has become the hearth of the home, creating generations of passionate and loyal owners that have made cooking on an AGA range a way of life. The Classic cast-iron range simply cooks better by using gentle, radiant heat that retains the original flavors of foods, resulting in meals and dishes that delight and impress.

aga appliances for sale
aga appliances for sale

Elevating Sustainability

The AGA cast iron range is in a league of its own, incomparable to any other household appliance – especially when understanding its relationship with the Environment. Longevity The AGA cast iron range is renowned for its longevity.

Each AGA range may be passed down from generation to generation often providing upwards of 50 years of sterling service. Furthermore, you will never see an AGA taking up space in a landfill because 90% of each range is recyclable. Small Carbon Footprint Fuel choice and consumption are becoming increasingly important in today's time.

We crafted our new generation of AGA cast iron ranges with this in mind making available several fuel options and sizes providing cleaner, lower-cost energy sources resulting in a smaller carbon footprint. These energy-efficient solutions also mean ease of installation and lower maintenance costs. Made from Recycled Material For over 90 years each AGA cast iron range has been made with 70% recycled material. Recycled iron products, including retired cast iron cookers, have been melted down to create the iconic AGA. As far as green credentials go – AGA is impressive!