AGA Aga Classic 24" City, Pistachio
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AGA Classic 24" City, Pistachio


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At 24" wide, the AGA Classic 24" City model is great for small spaces. The ovens cook using radiant heat for great results. Plus, you can have that lovely, cozy AGA warmth in the kitchen whenever you want it.

The two semi-rapid burners are especially suited for use with small pans, perfect for gentle simmering or poaching. The push-to-turn control knobs have both a high and low setting, the enameled cast-iron grates aide in proper heat distribution, and the vitreous enamel surface is easy to clean. Independent electric heating elements embedded in each cast-iron oven allow each oven to operate separately and independent from each other.

Like all AGA Classic ranges, the cast iron offers radiant, gentle heat to lock in moisture and flavor while keeping the texture and integrity of the food intact. Best of all, the ovens of the 24" City can be turned off unlike the traditional AGA Cooker.

The AGA Classic 24" City is available in 16 contemporary colors.

35 7/8" H x 23 5/8" W x 24 1/2" D(inches)

492 lb. uncrated, 517 lb. crated

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