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Anyone committed to the highest quality should accept no compromises. At Liebherr, we use our experience and expertise to offer high-quality premium products, and have done so for more than 60 years. Our highly comprehensive range of refrigeration and freezing appliances stands out in offering intuitive operation, energy efficiency and classic design, as well as many practical functions designed to help food retain its freshness and quality, thereby contributing to a healthy, modern lifestyle.

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Liebherr freestanding fridge-freezers are outstanding appliances with many extremely useful features that help you to lead a healthy, modern lifestyle. The refrigerator compartment provides exceptional-quality food storage, and if you're looking to secure even longer lasting freshness, you can opt for the convenience of a BioFresh safe. NoFrost technology makes defrosting an unnecessary task.

liebherr appliances for sale
liebherr appliances for sale

Our commitment to outstanding design

Open-plan kitchens require design-pieces to interact with their environment. The kitchen is the hub of the home, the center-point of social activities.

Its design and the incorporated materials have a real effect on the atmosphere and visual perception of the whole living environment. Those who want to have a flush, closed fronted style can seamlessly integrate their appliances into a built-in kitchen. Outstanding design isn't only about external appearances. Inner design harmony is crucial, too. When an appliance is in use, or when it is opened and closed, you become aware of how important design, materials, and workmanship are.